Soul City Wandering – A London Pilgrimage

AMAZON TRAVEL BOOKS TOP-TEN BESTSELLER – 5-STAR RATED 2020 sees the release of Frank Molloy‘s Soul City Wandering, a book that encourages readers to rediscover their urban surroundings. Published by Choir Press priced at £9.99. It is available to order from the following online bookstores: Amazon Waterstones Book Depository “A great book… a great guide.Continue reading “Soul City Wandering – A London Pilgrimage”

Psychogeography: A DIY Guide

“The streets of London have their map; but our passions are uncharted. What are you going to meet if you turn this corner?” Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room. You Can Go Your Own WayRooted in the 1950s, Guy Debord’s ‘Situationists’ are still considered the most influential group in the field of psychogeography. But ‘group’ is theContinue reading “Psychogeography: A DIY Guide”

Psychogeography: A Brief History

“I had often heard of the world’s seven wonders in my reading days at school but I found in London alone thousands.” John Clare. Lost In WanderingSome say that ‘psychogeography’ was just a trendy urban buzzword from the 2000s. Overused to the point of exhaustion. Others say think again, as it’s been with us, inContinue reading “Psychogeography: A Brief History”

Psychogeography: A Brief Definition

IntroductionPsychogeography: a comparatively modern label for a theme the new book ‘Soul City Wandering‘ seeks to embrace. But what does it mean? In the 1950s, the French writer Guy Debord defined it as the interpretation of “specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals.” In otherContinue reading “Psychogeography: A Brief Definition”

London Books: Song For Guy (1066, All That and More!)

The Norman Conquest of 1066 is often held up as the great milestone of British History. Guy’s Song (Carmen Widonis) is a Latin verse medieval poem written in 1067 by Bishop Guy d’Amiens. It is a rare contemporary record of the Conquest. Soul City Wanderer briefs on an extraordinary book on the whole subject byContinue reading “London Books: Song For Guy (1066, All That and More!)”