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Bob Dylan in London – Troubadour Tales

Reviewed by Soul City Wandering author Frank Molloy. This fascinating book serves as an insight on both London’s impact on Bob Dylan’s career, and Bob Dylan’s impact on London’s musical legacy. Co-authors and Dylan aficionados Jackie Lees and K. G. Miles plot a 50-year musical pilgrimage which follows a roughly chronological route mirroring Dylan’s connectionsContinue reading “Bob Dylan in London – Troubadour Tales”

Soul City Wandering – A London Pilgrimage

AMAZON TRAVEL BOOKS TOP-TEN BESTSELLER – 5-STAR RATED “A great book… a great guide. Poems… music… history… and fantastic ways to… go for walks” Robert Elms, BBC Radio London Frank Molloy‘s Soul City Wandering was released in 2020. The aim of the book is to inspire travellers to engage as individuals with their journeys. ItContinue reading “Soul City Wandering – A London Pilgrimage”

Psychogeography: A Brief Definition

IntroductionPsychogeography: a comparatively modern label for a theme the new book ‘Soul City Wandering‘ seeks to embrace. But what does it mean? In the 1950s, the French writer Guy Debord defined it as the interpretation of “specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals.” In otherContinue reading “Psychogeography: A Brief Definition”

London’s Hidden Genius

200 years ago, one of Britain’s most talented designers was born. Today, his greatest legacy lies hidden in the heart of London. Each year The Open House event affords a rare opportunity to salute this somewhat forgotten genius, and to view his seldom-seen masterpiece. Soul City Wanderer briefs. Soul City Wanderer’s own book Soul CityContinue reading “London’s Hidden Genius”

Brunel Fashions Bristol

50 years ago, Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s famous ship, the SS Great Britain, returned to undergo renovation in its home city of Bristol, a place that held a special connection with the work of the famous engineer. Soul City Wanderer briefs. Soul City Wanderer’s own book Soul City Wandering was released in 2020. Available in paperbackContinue reading “Brunel Fashions Bristol”


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