Dublin’s Blooming Psychosis

Ulysses as the Definitive Psychogeographical Novel “I read that Bloom once came this way,The happy wanderer of his day.A journeyman like Ulysses,He had a lunch of wine and cheese”. Graffiti in the gents’ toilet at Davy Byrnes bar, Dublin. A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery inside an EnigmaUlysses is an infamously cryptic novel. Its revolutionaryContinue reading “Dublin’s Blooming Psychosis”

London Life: Return of the Speakeasy (1)

Soul City Wanderer is enticed to a unique lockdown experience, an illicit drink at a south London ‘speakeasy’, where he encounters a modern secret society. This is part 1 of 3. A few weeks ago, in my lockdown boredom, I read Empire of Booze by Henry Jeffreys (Unbound Press, 2016). See review below. It’s aContinue reading “London Life: Return of the Speakeasy (1)”