London Places: The Blitz Before The Blitz – Part 1

As part of the 80th anniversary of The Battle of Britain, Soul City Wanderer tells the incredible story of the first WWII bombing raid on Greater London, August 15th 1940. In part 1, he reveals the elite German bombing squadron that were behind the attack. In part 2, the story of the raid itself. InContinue reading “London Places: The Blitz Before The Blitz – Part 1”

London Places: Five Days in London

From tomorrow, to commemorate the Battle of Britain 80th anniversary, Soul City Wanderer will present a thee-part blog: The Blitz before the Blitz. As a prelude, here is a review of a book that concisely lays out the kind of pressure the country was under eighty years ago. I picked up Five Days in LondonContinue reading “London Places: Five Days in London”