London People: Hans Sloane?

The British Museum will partially reopen after lockdown on August 27. But just before beforehand, they announced the removal of the bust of its founder Hans Sloane from its prominent position in the King’s Library. A calculated move designed to attract the most publicity before reopening? Soul City Wanderer briefs on the man the museumContinue reading “London People: Hans Sloane?”

London Places: The Lurkin’ Gherkin

20 years ago, on August 23, 2000, planning permission was granted for the building that became known as London’s ‘Gherkin’. Intruding on the London city skyline like some looming figure from a Terry Gilliam animation, Soul City Wanderer briefs on the Lurkin’ Gherkin. The Gherkin was built on the site of the old Baltic ExchangeContinue reading “London Places: The Lurkin’ Gherkin”