Sherlock’s Psychogeographic Adventure

While I was working a self-guided tour of Sherlock Holmes’s London haunts, it dawned on me that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had, amongst the other talents he had given him, equipped his fictional detective with a natural sense of psychogeography, before the word even existed. In the second Sherlock Holmes novel, The Sign of Four,Continue reading “Sherlock’s Psychogeographic Adventure”

Sherlock’s Grand Day Out

Sherlock’s Grand Day Out is a self-guided tour of the famous fictional detective’s London haunts. But how can we claim it to be the most ‘elementary’ of Sherlock tours? Well, first of all, not only is the Soul City Wanderer an old Holmes aficionado, he is also a top qualified London tour guide. Secondly, whileContinue reading “Sherlock’s Grand Day Out”

‘Sherlock’s’ ‘Annus Horribilis’

One hundred years ago, the reputation of the legendary creator of Sherlock Holmes began to take a tumble. Soul City Wanderer investigates. Perhaps it was inevitable. There had always been an alternate side to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which would lead him towards controversy in his later life. After he became an established detective fictionContinue reading “‘Sherlock’s’ ‘Annus Horribilis’”

Sherlock’s Musical London

The television documentary Sherlock Holmes against Arthur Conan Doyle (Gedeon Programmes 2017) was broadcast on the Sky Arts channel on Wednesday June 17, 2020. It was about the author’s strained relationship with his own literary creation. One of the contributors was Anthony Horowitz, an English writer who specialises in the detective mystery genre. In 2011,Continue reading “Sherlock’s Musical London”

‘Sherlock’s’ Homes

Soul City Wanderer’s briefs on the residences of the Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Scotland on May 22nd, 1859 to Irish parents. As a young boy, he lived with his family at 11 Picardy Place, Edinburgh. As a schoolboy, he temporarily lodged at Liberton Bank House onContinue reading “‘Sherlock’s’ Homes”